Power of Attorneys

People of Indian origin living in New Zealand may have some immoveable or moveable property back in India.

They may directly transfer the property or appoint or nominate anybody as their General Power of Attorney to do all acts, deeds and things for transfer or sale of their property in India.

Power of Attorneys

Government of Punjab have laid following requirements for the General or Special Power of Attorney to be applied in India where the executant is either a Non-resident Indian or is currently living overseas:

1.The General Power of Attorney must contain the full details of the executant and the attorney who will be acting in India;

2.The details of the property to be incorporated which is to be dealt with in the Power of attorney.

3.The GPA must be signed by the executant and witnessed by two persons with their full addresses and occupation.

4.The GPA must be attested by the Notary Public and counter-signed by the High Commission of India for the country where the GPA was executed.

5.The photograph of the executant must be affixed on the top of the GPA.

6.The GPA must be accompanied with a certified copy of the passport of the executant.

When  the power of attorney in India receives the GPA meeting all the above requirements, he/she has to get it emossed from the competent authority in India/Punjab within three months of the date of execution of the GPA.

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Pl. note this is only general information and should not be considered as a legal advice. Please get independent legal advice before acting on this information.