New Zealand wants skilled migrants to fill the void in the skills country needed most.
There are few categories through which Permanent Residence is granted:
1. Skilled Migrant Category
2. Family Category
3. Investment Category
4. Refugee Category


Under SMC (Skilled Migrant Category), applicants file their Expression of Interest (EOI) claiming points for their qualification, age, skilled occupation or offer of skilled employment and experience and family member (if applicable). An applicant needs minimum of 100 points for filing EOI. No documents are required to be filed with the application for EOI. EOI can be filed either online or in paper form. Different fees are fixed for online and paper form. If EOI is approved the applicant is invited to apply for Permanent Residence. The application for Residence is filed alongwith all supporting documents within 4 months of invitation being given. A fee of $1810 (currently-subject to change) has to be paid alongwith the application for Permanent Residence. Assessment and verification of all documentary evidence is done and if application is approved the applicant is granted Permanent Residence. For points and other detailed information, see

Under Family category, Permanent residence is granted to the spouse or parents of a New Zealand resident or citizen who is eligible to sponsor either the spouse or parent. There are different requirements for the applicant and the eligible sponsor under Family Category.For more information on parent category, please see "parent category" in this section. For more information on spouse category, please see "Spouse Category" in this section.

For more details about Investment category, please see "Investor/Business Visa" in this section. 

For more information on refugee category, see "Refugee cases" in this section.