An applicant who is a partner or a spouse of New Zealand resident or citizen who is eligible to sponsor the applicant may be granted permanent residence.



1. The applicant must be able to satisfy with documentary and circumstantial evidence that he/she is living with the sponsor in a stable, genuine and long term relationship. Currently, the threshold to prove that the relationship is genuine and stable is very high and because of that, this requirement is sometimes very difficult to prove.

2. The applicant must be living with the sponsor for at least 12 months in case he/she is married to the sponsor or 24 months if he/she is in defacto partnership with the sponsor.

3. The sponsor must be eligible to sponsor the applicant. The sponsor must not have previously sponsored or be sponsored under the partner category for a period of five years from the date of sucess of the application for Permanent Residence.

4. The applicant must meet health and character requirements of the Immigration New Zealand.

For more information, please see or contact any Licensed Immigration Advisor or Immigration Lawyer. Arunjeev Singh Barrister is able to give free advice in the matter. Pl. note that this is not a legal advice and is general information about the particular category of Immigration New Zealand.